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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Chapter 2: Today's Students

In chapter two of The Joy of Teaching one of the six main points is how gender influences students. Teacher Ted Kowalski a computer science teacher at Middlebrook High School found that girls who excel in math don't want to be a part of his class because they feel that computer's and video games are for boys. Gender can also influence students physically. There are different rules and ramifications of boys and girls sports because physically they are different after the age of eight. Girls are often encouraged by school systems to be quiet and hard workers, but the book states that "girls are encouraged to break out of their stereotype modes more often that boys."

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Chapter 1: Becoming a Teacher

Reasons Teaching is Joyful
1. It can give you a sense of self appreciation. You might enjoy teaching people in a way no one else ever can. It can make you feel happy when someone learns something.
2. If you work at a job for a couple of years there is a high chance of job security. Teachers often work at the same school for many years and become heads of their department or just very respected teachers.
3. In the summer you can spend lots of time with your family. My father is a history teacher and we've always had the summers off together to have a lot of fun.
4. Maybe you love teaching. I think that it's a lot of fun and good for me.
5. The public usually appreciates a teacher. When you are a teacher, you earn a lot of respect and are accepted in the community.

Reasons Teaching might not be so Joyful
1. There is poor pay for teachers in many states. I have found that my parents made a good modest living with 4 kids and they both were teachers.
2. Teachers bring their work home. I can remember many nights where my father sat at the kitchen table with a pen, a highlighter and a stack of papers.
3. Your first teaching job is likely to include a move. I know that your first job may be out of state or a hundred miles away. That's an impossible commute unless you own a plane or helicopter and are willing to fly every morning.